90° Lightning Cable

I read using my phone and iPad in bed quite a bit. I also believe in the ABC school of thought (Always Be Charging). This means I like to read my iOS devices in bed while charging. This also means any charging cable I use is sticking straight out the bottom of my device and typically resting on the cable creating a sharp bend, resulting in a dead cable in a very short amount of time.

Does anyone know of a reliable lightning cable with a 90° bend at the plug? I’ve purchased several from Amazon and they all fail in short order and I don’t remember finding any that are MFI certified. I’m hoping somebody out there builds such a critter or even an elbow adapter of some sort that can be trusted.

Help is appreciated!

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No experience with this one and not sure if you tried it but it has been on my list and looks to be MfI.

I used Sugru to create a molded blob around a regular straight cable that I bent at 90*.
But a thought just occurred to me - turn the ipad over and let the cable come out of the top.

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I just took a look at those on Amazon, and they unfortunately don’t review well (at least when there’s enough reviews to trust them a bit).

You still end up with a sharp bend in the cable, gravity does that without my help. Unfortunately just the weight of the cable is enough to wear out the join in my experience. It’s like the cables are designed to only work going straight down for any length of time.

I do use my phone quite a bit, too. Interestingly enough, you can’t use it upside down like the iPad.

This isn’t specifically a problem I’ve had and tried to resolve, though our house does go through a few lightning cables per year. The issues always develop around the tension spot near the jack where the cable is under the most stress.

I think all of the cables are going to end up with that stress point. Even if they have the right angle built in. I’m therefore wondering if having a separate adapter on a standard cable might fair better.

Whilst these sorts of devices are listed for Apple’s phones, I would think they should still work for iPads.


I think they only list phones as it is the phones with no headphone jack.

Potentially worth a try?

That looks spot on. I just ordered one and will let you know how it goes!

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