95: Five Years of Freedom

I can’t believe I am the first person on here to request a picture of the puppy. :dog:

Finally got to listen to this just yesterday. I’m struggling with trying to delegate some things right now. I’ve never been good at it but I have to make sure that my tasks in running the sheep registry and what i do on the farm and sheep management, are well documented so that someone else can pick up and do them if I am sick or worse. Some of the hints are going to be useful but the problem is I need to recruit volunteers from within the pool of breeders and that is limiting.

Enjoyed the conversation though.

PS I too want to know what kind of dog and pictures of them. One of the biggest issues we’re having with the whole COVID-19 mess is trying to ensure we have enough dog food. We use a 55 pound bag every week or a bit more. That’s now, when the dogs are not really having to patrol much. During lambing that goes up significantly. Lots of stores are limiting purchases to 1 50 pound bag of dog food. Luckily we were able to get a friend to go pick up 4 bags for us yesterday but it’s still a big concern. We missed several of our big shopping trips where we’d normally stock up before lambing.