97: Emotional Overload

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Mike, watch the IT Crowd as soon as you can! You’ll love it.

Enjoyed the, as David said, more navel-gazing episode. Admitting the difficulty of these times can be difficult since nothing is really happening for most of us, but the feelings and passive stresses are real and need to be given attention and managed.

I loved the episode

The Temeraire books are great. As a voracious reader my biggest distraction has been the hundreds of free books authors are making available now. I spent almost 2 hours just downloading kindle books and getting them on my iPad. There are several places where new authors or less well known ones put their first books out for free now in the hopes of hooking you to buy the rest. Plus Amazon is making lots of classics available free and then there are places like Tor and other SF and Fantasy imprints also making books avail free usually for only a day or so. BookFunnel has a bunch of specials in various genres and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Amazon also has a lot more 99 cent specials on kindle books.

And then there is the huge list of non-fiction stuff that is also free. My already overloaded reading list has ballooned and it’s spring and I’m busy and no time to read at all right now but when things slow down I expect to be well entertained for years.