A better spell checker?! (actually: a better autocorrect?)

I use Typinator and have added a lot of extra custom additions. But still, with that + mac’s built-in spell check, very often basic errors go uncorrected.

“I am badat spellign.” C’mon… is there no spell ehcker which can correct these automatically? Google search is far better at figuring this out. With all the AI these days there has got to be ao solution!

EDIT: I should have been clearer. I am not looking for a better “official spell check” where you have to click on a button to make it work. I’m looking for way better automatic corrections as I type…

I’d rather turn spell check off. I know how to spell.

I wish I had your power…

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I know how to spell fairly well, but that is also due to my vocabulary being quite lackluster. I use the “Spell” feature in Alfred most times and it does a pretty good job. I do agree the default spellchecker in macOS could use some work.

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My post was poorly worded. It has nothing to do with knowing or not knowing how to spell… it’s about my typing mistakes. I want a spell checker to automatically correct them. I edited the post to make this clearer.

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Knowing how to spell helps the typos. Just glance at what you’ve written and you can catch them, I’d surmise.

I find spellcheck annoying.

Yeah, I’m perfectly able to catch them, thanks. I simply enjoy them being corrected for me.

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Just for fun the output from ChatGPT:

“I am bad at spelling. Come on, is there no spell checker that can correct these automatically? Google search is far better at figuring this out. With all the AI these days, there has got to be a solution!”

I have tried chatGPT for correcting voice the speech from Whiser ai. It works amazingly well. But the limitation of chatGPT is the length of the input document.

Ah yes, excellent point. I thought about using ChatGPT. What gets me about it is the lack of privacy protections. As far as I can tell, all your data gets sent to OpenAI, who can do with it what they please.

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To be fair, AI works by training on tons of data, a reasonable way to get better is to keep the stuff sent in and learn from it to get better. I would hope it’s at least anonymized but I guess that would be assuming.

Yeah for spell-checking it’s gotten way worse for me in the last couple of years. It all comes down to the timing words to pick stay up there. Every time without fail when I see the word I want I tap and it’s already changed to the next word it thought I meant and then fixing the mistake is a hassle each time.

Finally, I was typing this and realized I was in the Grammarly keyboard and I don’t pay the premium service, but it works for me in this response fairly well anyways. But you may have to write in specific apps to have bigger views of the text not certain.