A Budding Scholar 🙂

I’m working from home today so my dog insisted on being with me in my study. She is a budding scholar. She looks comfortable. :slightly_smiling_face:


Especially sitting next to the globe. :joy:

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He should get one of those globes that open up to reveal bottles of liquor, but instead put some dog treats!

Now that is an idea! However, treats are used exclusively for training.

For example, when I say, “Go to bed,” she makes a fast beeline upstairs, enters her crate, and sits at the open crate door waiting for her treat. The same is true when I open the backdoor and call her to come in. She immediately comes when called.

Too bad I didn’t have my children so well trained!! :rofl:


You mean you didn’t give them treats when they listened to you :slight_smile:

Listening to me was expected, not requiring a treat. However, I was not above bribing them to complete chores and make good grades! :rofl:

There was an episode of the West Wing (spoilers for a 20-year-old TV show, I guess) where the president’s wife accuses him of having bought his daughters’ love by giving them candy as kids and he responds, “Well, it was for sale, and I wanted it.”

(Not saying any of you did this, just saying that your exchange made me think of this episode :slightly_smiling_face:.)


I remember that on several occasions when my children were very young, they would stop eating something that looked good to me. I’d ask, “Are you finished with that?” hoping they’d say yes so I could eat the rest of it. :joy:


I continue to do that to this day.

Side note: Our two sons are 33 and 30 years old :slightly_smiling_face:

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