A couple of ideas for Focused: think big & vision

I really enjoy listening to @mikeschmitz and @MacSparky on this podcast.

There are a couple of topics which I’d like to have your thoughts for:

  • “Think big”. So many times we are limited by our own thoughts. But also so many times it’s difficult to know how to think big. How do you tackle this?

  • “Create a compelling vision”. This is the starting point for all that we can accomplish. And defining it can be daunting. Although some of us know exactly what their vision is, others are still on a quest to find it. How to create a vision? Where to look for? How to ensure the vision is “big” enough?

Any of these are very personal and there are a few books about them out there. But I really would like to hear your thoughts :grinning:


Thanks. Adding this to the list.

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