A macOS update.... for Safari?

Anyone else have this? Never seen an update for a single app before…

Edit: Is Big Sur being released one app at a time??? I just did the update shown and I got Big Sur features, although my MBA is still on Catalina (wasn’t on the macOS beta either).

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This is pretty normal. Apple updates a lot of the system stuff that isn’t in the appstore through software update. If you have FCPX or Logic installed, you get stuff like this all the time

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Ha! Not quite. Big Sur has Safari 14 by default, so when you get Big Sur you get Safari 14 and when you get Safari 14 you get some Safari features which were touted as Big Sur features.

I believe that Apple often updates Safari through software update because it usually has security fixes and will be applied even if people don’t go to the App Store, etc. assuming that people have automatic updates enabled.


I got the Safari 14 on my iMac running Mojave, so it’s at least n-2 in this case.

Safari 14 actually broke one of my Keyboard Maestro macros for creating a new Safari window. New Safari windows are now named “Start Page” rather than “Favorites” (easy enough to fix).


okayyyyyyy. got it. thanks all!

I just hope that it fixes a vexing bug/problem I’ve ben haivng that is interrmittent, occasionally a web site I ma looking at goes black and only by scrolling the mouse over the sections does it come back to readability. No clue as to why, what causes it and it’s not restricted to any specific web site.

Yikes. That sounds terrible. I hope it’s fixed!