A Marked app for iPadOS?

I’m in search of a Marked type app but for iOS and iPadOS. I need to write some code but I want to see the results in real time on the side.

Does anyone know of an app for iPad that does this? It’s one off thing, so I don’t need to pay a handsome fee or subscribe to anything

I assume by “code”, you mean MarkDown?
I had fun experimenting with the apps on my arsenal, and searching the web. Currently there is no way to satisfy your request to “see the results in real time on the side.” AFAIK.

but the closest I can get:

  1. With Textastic (USD9.99) + default browser by split view. It has some quirks in that no auto-refresh for each saved text. So you’ll need to refresh the browser and it will trigger new tab of the latest state of the text. Not so robust Markdown processor

  2. iA Writer (I bought it for USD9.99, but IIRC the price increased) can toggle between editor mode and preview mode, but currently there is no way to achieve side by side real time.

    Here is iA Writer’s site, and there is easter egg that if you open their site with mac/ipad/iphone, the “screeshots” will follow the device.

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I mean html sorry, not markdown necessarily. I never used marked actually, thought it was for html. Textastic definitely does that but it costs money. I just need for one time

what is the current app you use to view and edit the html files?

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Perhaps that’s because HTML is valid in Markdown.

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I don’t have one right now

Oh does it, okay. But I can’t really preview the html in the markdown apps I have now like Drafts

I was just recommended Working Copy on Twitter. So I’ll try that out https://twitter.com/simonbs/status/1353344708731416576?s=21

can confirm that Working Copy allow HTML and MD preview. I has the pro version and cannot know exactly whether it’s pro only or not. Also cannot check dual pane thing-y because my iPad is occupied.

Great app though, frequently updated and has free version

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Played with it before on my iPad Pro. Can’t really figure out how to get to what you have there

click the small button to the left of share button on the upper right of the screen.
Choose either “plain text”, “HTML/Markdown” or “Preview”.

Be aware it is not toggler but chooser. If you want to see as html again, choose html

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Actually you might well be able to. I’m not suggesting Drafts is ideally suited to HTML editing but where I’ve needed to sprinkle some HTML around my Markdown it’s worked.

(Working Copy I also like and I would concur with it being a good bet for this.)

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