A new direction for Apple Software Development

Ars got some information from Apple about the bugginess of their software releases and it looks like their approach is changing.


Here’s hoping that they do take this to heart.

iOS 13 was a mess. Yes, I realize that iOS 12 being the “Snow Leopard” year made it seem even worse, but I still think iOS 13 would have been considered a really bad release any year. And the betas were the roughest I can remember.

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If anyone in MPU-land is a developer (especially not an independent one), I’d love to hear some takes on how they think these changes will work. Making changes to the way a big team works always seems like an “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” situation.

In other words, is this really going to do anything for development at Apple, or is it a clever way to quiet the criticism of iOS 13?

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I believe that most all of us can agree that Apple the company, let everyone down with the latest releases. It is very obvious now that they KNEW that the software was as not ready, but because of reasons none of us know for sure, they released it anyway. THAT was a bad idea. We all have a bad idea every now ’n then.

Apple built their reputation on being the highest quality hardware and software maker in the Industry, and internal mishaps have caused the Mothership to wobble. It will be interesting to see the steps that they take to correct the wobble. That said, Apple is a HUGE company, and as such, it will not be easy to correct things internally, nor will it be easy to regain public trust. Only later can we look back in hind sight and really connect the dots.

Interesting. I wonder what the development philosophy will be for macOS 10.16+


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I stopped using stock Apple apps altogether. I love the system/hardware combo and the automation possibilities of both iOS/iPadOS and MacOS. So I personally would like to see Apple concentrate on making a great open OS that other developers can make great apps for.

Or maybe make a truly independent team for OS development and for stock apps development. Lot of problems were caused by interaction of the OS and stock apps. Separate testing may find more bugs faster. However, I do not know how Apple developers work, so it may make no sense :slight_smile:

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