A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 14 beta

Started getting this yesterday on my iPad and iPhone. I had always been able to keep the betas after the official release date. Has Apple changed this policy?


I picked up my phone at the very moment I read this post and got the exact same alert.

Under General > Software Update there are no updates, did I miss something?

As for your original question: I have no idea? My first beta was for iOS 14, and I took it off once it came out, and then I put it back on for 14.2. Can’t really help here.

Seems to me it might be a bug. Keep clicking on the message and it says I’m already on the latest.

I’ve been clicking okay given there’s no other choice, really. The message recurs about 1-2 times a day.

My phone and iPad are up to date. Hopefully it just goes away on its own.


I’ve been having this same issue. I saw somewhere that this meant the beta expired and to remove the beta profile. I did that, but nothing has changed.

—- EDIT —-
Just found this.

I removed the profile weeks ago, and I’m getting this too. I figure the next update will fix the bug.

I’ll be happy when 14.3 beta comes along and maybe get rid of the reminders to do something impossible whenever the phone wakes up.

Was there an update to iOS after you removed the profile? When did you remove the profile? :blush:

The first beta of 14.2 is more than a month old. If you have removed the profile after the release of 14.2 beta 1, then you are still running the beta until the final release of 14.2 will be released and offered as an update to you.

Well, this has gone crazy today ! Every time I pick my iPhone or iPad up this message appears and needs to be acknowledged. It started once or twice per hour but it’s now incessant !

I know it’s beta, etc, etc but something has gone seriously wrong somewhere for so many people to be getting these alerts at an increasingly frequent rate.

As others have posted this can only be a fix-forward from Apple (or base reinstall I guess as a worst case).

I saw posts about changing the date back but that causes other issues clearly … unless we can go back to pre 2020 and forget about so many things that have gone wrong.

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Well, I’ve removed the profile from both iPad and iPhone. Here’s hoping for an update. :crossed_fingers:t4:

Looks like the fix is in. Check General-Software Update. My phone is updating now.

Did you remove the beta profile? I did. I’m not getting an update… :frowning:

Yep. Fixed on phone and ipad

No, I didn’t need to. The new version fixed the issue.

Same here. I reinstalled the beta profile, downloaded the update and now the problem on both iPad and iPhone is resolved. Thanks everyone.

Is anyone on the iOS 14 beta ?

Are you encountering this annoying pop up, every time the phone wakes from the Lock Screen.

“A new iOS update is now available.Please update from the iOS 14 beta”

About the 50th time today…it is getting tiresome.

See this thread:

There’s a new update (14.2) available, I’d advise everyone to update to this version, fixes this.

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