A platform to see everything related to my small business?

TLDR: I’m looking for a platform where me and my partner can see everything about our project instead of bouncing around through different apps.

Hi there!

I’m about to start a small business project and currently I have to go through a lot of things that are scattered all over the place and in different apps. For example, I’m going through logo ideas and designs and my partner and I have it on miro, there on the infinite whiteboard we can see all the ideas that resonate with us. Then, on another file I have an Excel file of a budget where I have things I need to buy. Also, in another Excel file I’m tracking inventory I need to buy. Then in another document, I have my business plan with other ideas.

The thing is, my partner and I don’t have a platform where we can collaborate, see everything in one place, and stay up to date without bouncing from one app to another.

I have been thinking to give Notion a chance, but I wanted to ask you guys first for some options, experiences and alternatives. Thank you.

Oddly, if you have the right version, MS Teams has a lot of apps that you can integrate directly.


Set up a SharePoint site, especially if you heavily rely on Office documents. M365 Business Basic (the cheapest option) already includes SharePoint (in addition to 1 TB OneDrive storage per user, you also get 1 TB per each SharePoint site) and the web version of all the Office apps (plus of course Teams and 50 GB of mailbox per user on your domain).

SharePoint has come a long way from being difficult to use or for corporate use only, and there are solid mobile apps as well.


Thank you, I’ll look into that.

I think your best option is Office 365 or Google Workspace or whatever they are called these days.


You may be wanting something like Monday.com.

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