A question about a 2007 Apple Cinema HD display

I have a Cinema HD display (circa 2007). It’s been in a closet for years. I took it out the other day to see if it’d work with my iPad Pro. But when I plugged it in, nothing. No indication whatsoever that it was on. All of the wires are fine.

It seems to me that the power supply has gone bad. Is it possible that a power supply can die on its own from nonuse?

Or, I’ve missed something when I tried to get it to work. (It won’t be the first time that happened.)



Maybe. My problem isn’t that it won’t connect to the iPad. It show indication that it on. It behaves as if it’s not plugged in.

The power supply that it came with. The one of the connectors that cable that comes out of the Display plugs into the power supply.


Yes. You’re right. I used an older Macbook and it works. It is a 12.9 issue. I had assumed that an indicator light would come on even if the display wasn’t connected. Silly me.

Thanks for the help and sorry for the bother.

What I need is a USB C - DVI connector. $18.

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That may not work either. My 2008 LED Cinema Display does with a USBC adaptor connected to my iMac but not my 2018 iPad Pro. Not sure if it’s a driver/firmware issue or the connector.

I invested $6 for a DVI to HDMI connector. I already have a HDMI to USB C. I’ll see soon.

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Isn’t it a dual DVI connector? I thought this display only works with graphics boards specifically designed for it. Or am I mistaken?