A screen of pixels when waking up my MacBook Pro

Hi there. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced a flash of of pixels when waking up a MacBook Pro. This is fairly new notebook with Touch Bar. I am running High Sierra. I will get a full screen of pixels before I get the login screen. It has happened enough times to cause concern. Thank you in advance for any help.

When you say full screen pixels, what do you mean? I’ve experienced a flash of a screen that’s garbled pink and white, usually when waking my Mac from sleep or disconnecting a display. Took it into the Apple Store last weekend and they said diagnostics were clear. I’ve heard it could be a software issue in High Sierra. I’m running a 2016 13” MacBook Pro with touch bar.

I have the same going on here (MacBook Pro 2016 Touch Bar).

I think that it is a software glitch that started with High Sierra. No need to be concerned, I would say.

I get a screen of grey and green pixelated blocks when I shut down my MacBook about 50% of the time. I’ve got Apple Care but thinking it’s a software glitch.

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@justindirose yes is is more of a flash as you describe; thanx.
@Christian I am hoping it is a software glitch.
@LJPUK I hope your problem is resolved; thanx.

To all, I think I may have posted my question to the wrong category and will be more tuned in next time.

I get the same thing upon waking my MacBook Escape 2016. It lasts about a second then returns to normal. It’s been happening for about a year (perhaps since High Sierra).

Yes! I’ve been having this exact same thing happen. It doesn’t always happen though, which is really odd to me.

Not sure if its just mine but seems to have stopped for me on the beta

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