A Second, or Maybe Fourth, Look At Evernote

Has anyone taken a look at Evernotes 2024 roadmap and new AI features. Makes it half tempting to give it a second chance…but $15/mo is pretty darn expensive for a note app. :grimacing:

UpNote is the future. I will estimate at least 50% of its user base defect there. It’s better than Evernote, faster, more agile, and $25-30 for lifetime


I got a new UI but sadly it’s just a cosmetic change. Still electron and still slow.

no. Drafts + Devonthink is the way.


+1 I’m still surprised by how fast the sync engine works.

Just fyi, UpNote is not E2EE. Idk how trustworthy the devs are, and they hold the encryption keys and control the servers. Personally, I wouldn’t use it for anything remotely private.


It’s using Google’s Firebase. Pretty standard stuff, not inherently unsafe by itself.

Sure, but as I said, they hold the encryption keys to your data sitting on those servers. That’s also true of Google, Microsoft, etc., but in this case I know nothing about the developers or how trustworthy they are.


The only thing I would be using it for is studying. Nothing personnel.

Have there been any reviews that say the AI stuff is actually worth that much? Some of the AI stuff is cool, but I have yet to see anything that would make me pay money for it yet personally.


I’ve had an Evernote account since… Pretty close to the beginning, I think. I can no longer open Evernote to find out since Evernote completely cut off access to my account. I’d been on one of Evernote’s most expensive plans for the past two or three years but Evernote finally priced me out of the equation and I cancelled my subscription a couple of weeks ago. I had over 15,000 notes in Evernote and assumed I could still access those notes on Evernote’s default “free” plan, although admittedly I would not be able to add to them. I think I had read that’s what would happen if I cancelled. But nope. I’ve been completely locked out.

Do I miss Evernote? Not really. Not yet. Although I regret the misapplication of time I invested in creating those Evernote notes. The truth is that Evernote had become my junk drawer. It always had a pretty good web clipper that made it easy—perhaps too easy—to clip interesting things from the web that just might be useful one day.

As others have pointed out, there are alternatives. UpNote’s web clipper had some issues when I started dabbling with it several weeks ago but lately seems rock solid. Notion’s web clipper is generally quite good too. The problem I see is that they all lock your data into proprietary formats. I’m not really interested in what Evernote is doing with AI since in all likelihood it will be restricted to what’s in Evernote. I assume the same will be true for other apps where my data is not readable/indexable by Spotlight. (Someone will no doubt correct me if I am wrong—and please do—put I think I recall Spotlight being able to retrieve articles from Evernote in the past, but not for some while now.)

In contrast, I have pdf copies of every issue of Scientific American published in the past two or three decades on my hard drive, in addition to pdf copies of thousands of journal and magazine articles, all indexed by Spotlight and retrievable by Spotlight or from Boolean searches in Houdahspot. Plus everything I have in DEVONthink. The same is true for plain (or Markdown) text files (i.e. Obsidian, Noteplan, Logseq). We don’t yet know what Apple is planning for AI (or LLM). But an LLM trained on all of that vast reservoir of information would be quite interesting, especially if it can point me back to original sources. But Evernote AI trained on what’s been put in Evernote? Not so much.


If you’re looking for a web clipper check out Goodlinks. The iOS version will allow you to export as PDF, plain text, or markdown.

Francesco at Keep Productive has an update on Evernote which includes some information on Bending Spoons. He says they are one of the top mobile development companies in the world with 500 million downloads of their software and 100 million active users.

Agree. I’ve been consistently pleased with it.

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I think Evernote will be in the bright side under Bending Spoon however for my case I don’t think I will switch back.

  • I am using Apple Notes which is lightweight. Even if I need to achieve in the long run, I will use Exporter app to plain text.
  • Evernote’s import is still limited to itself, not from other apps, although someone wrote a program to convert markdown to enex format.

I just emailed three notes into EN this morning. An often overlooked feature that I would really miss.

It’s been working quite well as of late, but the new “everything is white” visual overhaul is kinda ugly IMO.

What program will convert marked down to ENEX format ? That’s exactly what I’m looking to do

Check it out here.