A Security Issue

I’m having trouble getting in here. I can on my iPad. But on my Mac I’m getting a “Potential Security Issue” on both Safari and Firefox. I had the same trouble trying to get to MacSparky.com but Safari did let me in when I indicated I was willing to assume the risk.

I supposedly have virus protection from McAfee (yeah, I know). Also I have Clean My Mac.

I upgraded to Monterey quite smoothly last night.


Can you disable McAfee’s protection temporarily and see if that’s the culprit? I suspect that software installs a signing certificate on your computer so it can intercept and read your SSL traffic to look for problems…maybe that’s messing something up?

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Security issue is basically a wrong SSL certificates. If you are the only person doing that here are some things you can consider.

As @Jezmund_Berserker mentioned, try to disable McAffee and see.

Do you have any non standard networking? Do you have anything that might be intercepting the traffic?

Absolutely nothing! I tried uninstalling mcafee with clean my Mac. I called mcafee and got the royal runaround. I can Then I called AppleCare. They said there’s a lock on the vpn and it needs to be deactivated.

@MacSparky has observed that antivirus software sometimes seems so intrusive it’s like a virus itself (not necessarily nefarious, mind you, just that it gets its hooks into your computer pretty deep).

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Boy, you’ve got that right! I used Clean My Mac to uninstall MacAfee (never again). There is something remaining and I cannot get rid of it.

I signed up for it accidentally when I was half asleep. Another time I couldn’t find my IPad Air. So I did “Find my iDevice”. Really had a hard time. Finally I opened the freezer and voila my iPad- chilled!

This is what I see when I turn on my computer. I think I got the rest of the crud out!

Most AV software requires using their uninstaller to properly delete all the stuff. Using Clean My Mac or other uninstaller software can’t get rid of all the hooks. If all else fails you can always do a nuke and pave install of MacOS.

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Does that mean things are working fine now?

No. Not at all.

McAfee was supposed to call me back and never did. I was on the phone all day!

So just to confirm. Is that issue happening on all devices in your network. Or just the computer?
Try to use the iPad or iPhone in the same WiFi and test.

Just on my computer. I downloaded Monterey last night.

Ok, do you have Private Relay enabled by any chance?

Not as far as I know. I did a search in Houdah (great app… it can find anything), just a few pdfs came up.

I looked in Systems and didn’t see it either.

Where should I look?

It is fixed. Thanks you very much!

Was it really Private Relay or something else?

It was McAfee, I think. Now I can’t get on the Internet with my Mac. But I CAN get on it with my iPads.

You know, it may be Monterey. I should have waited a while before downloading it but it is reputed to be stable.

If I were seeing behaviour like this I’d wipe the machine completely and reinstall. The only things that I’d recover from backup are documents in my home directory. I’d reinstall all apps by hand and avoid any antivirus and VPNs (not a popular opinion around here, I know), and browser extensions, at least until the system is in a known good state.

Some antivirus software and some malware do super sketchy stuff like TLS interception, which can lead to some of the behaviours that you’re seeing.


Thanks. That’s what I was thinking. The wifi is fine for my iPads. The mcafee I finally got them to take it all off. I think. I finally found someone that knew what he was doing.

So it has to be related to Monterey.

Why would I have to reinstall my apps?

Do you know what one guy at McAfee told me? I had cancelled any automatic renewal for their “services” today. He told me I had to reinstate it before he could help me.

Needless to say– I went ballistic! He got my Irish up!

I will call Apple Care tomorrow again.

What do I do? A clean install?

I bought an external hard drive and I was going to use Copy Cloner but never got around to it. Oh well. Should I drag my Documents and Downloads to the external hard drive???

My photos are backed up on a different device.

I have a sea gate external hard drive. Do I have to format it or something. I tried dragging files but that is not working.