A Series of Failed Workspaces

I went through a period where I convinced myself the reason I wasn’t writing more was because I didn’t have the right set-up. That wasn’t of course the case. The reason I wasn’t writing was that I was thinking about the perfect spaces / time / circumstances rather than writing. So I’d move things around only to find I was in a different space but still not writing.

Thinking about and enjoying all these posts this morning, envying the beautiful screens and such, I thought I’d post my ridiculous workspaces to remind me that I don’t need to redecorate.

The “digital” space:

2013 iMac, Blue Snowball microphone, wireless keyboard and touch pad. The stand is mostly useless except as a place to put my computer glasses. There are spurts when I write here but it’s mostly where I grade, make screencast lectures, and retreat when the rest of the apartment is too hot as this guest room / study is the coolest room in the place.

The analog space:

My thinking in creating this was that I would write more if I got away from my digital things. This was not the case and so the desk mostly either collects stuff or get used for weekly review, and bullet journaling.

Where I mostly do research and writing:

Kitchen table on my MacBook with piles of books and papers. I love it in here – there’s windows on two sides, a lot of space AND I have to put everything away at the end of each work session which gives me a sense of boundaries between research / writing, and everything else.

Add to these an assortment of cafes, with and without wifi, and some libraries and archives and you have pretty much everywhere I work. I do have an office / desk / iMac at my university, but it’s so busy there and I get interrupted so often that I mostly use it as a place to meet students, try and do work between meetings, and hold some of the ridiculous number of books I’ve accumulated.


Having multiple spaces to get different types of work done makes a lot of sense to me. Like you, my dining room table gets a bit of a work out…I miss the bigger screen when I’m not sitting at the study desk but at least at the dining room table, I can be in proximity to my family while I work.


Great setups. Do you keep things this organized while working?

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Sadly no. I work messy and have to clear and organize my spaces.

Your desks looks really neat in the photos though! And thank you for sharing your set up! Now I don’t feel so bad looking at my mac after seeing the amazing multi screen, multi computer workspaces in the other threads :joy:. Would love to share my own but it’s a horrendous mess of things right now. I have to prevent things from falling onto my keyboard and pressing stray keys :joy:

Like you I’ve beet trying to optimize my workspace for a while, though I don’t have a different space to move to, but I’ve been attempting to move tidy things up and move items around!

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