A serious conversation about Apple's Polishing Cloth

Much has been joked about Apple’s Polishing Cloth:

And sure, if I had the $6k 6k display, I’d have several of them.*1

But if you’re not so lucky to have that display… is the cloth necessary? Are we going to scratch future Macs and iPads if we don’t use a cloth with Apple’s logo on it?

My principal concern, obviously, is the new MBPs. But I imagine this question is relevant to most of Apple’s future products. They’re not going to start using less fancy display technology…

*1 In CAD the nano-texture option is actually a $7,500 display…

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Hah, thanks.

So the cloth really is a kind of joke, unless you have a nano-textured display. For most of us it’s just an expensive lint-free cloth.

I am confused about why it’s selling out. But hey, that’s not the only thing about the world that I’m confused about.

Maybe… if someone on here bought one: why? No judgement! I celebrate your new nice cloth.

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Just for reference, the cloth is included with the standard glass XDR but in the instructions they tell you can use similar products, but the cloth is recommended. Yes only the Nano textured absolutely require and you can’t use any liquids with it.

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I think it’s “sold out” because of supply chain issues

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After “x” number of wipes using the cleaning cloth, how do you clean the Cloth itself. Washing machine, What kind of detergents. I hope its not use and throw away.

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My preferred “soft, lint-free cloth” is a t-shirt that is no longer acceptable to wear.


Overpriced. Yes, there are cloths for optical devices out there. Which cost a fraction.

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Based on what I find in my dryer, my cotton t-shirts definitely aren’t “lint free”!

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“Apple sheeple will buy anything as long as it has an Apple logo on it.”

Perhaps this is true in this case :joy:

But seriously though, it was a good publicity thing I guess. And since they are already making them for the Pro Display XDR, why not make some extra $$ and sell them on the side? Now let’s see them do this for more accessories - the colorful iMac mouse and keyboards comes to mind. Black Apple stickers, anyone?

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Not when the come out of the dryer, which is why I use them damp. :grinning:

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