A software tool to batch edit the dates of jpeg photo files

Can anyone recommend a software tool for Mac that can run a batch process on hundreds of jpeg files to edit, for each file in the batch, the “Date Created” to be equal to the “Date Modified”?

I want to import hundreds of photos into Apple Photos for Mac. I’m finding that Apple Photos treats the “Date Created” of the imported jpeg file as the EXIF metadata date of the photo.

But, in all of my jpeg files, the “Date Created” is wrong, and the date the photo was taken is actually the jpeg file’s “Date Modified”.

Is there a software tool for Mac that will run a batch process to change each “Date Created” to be equal to that file’s “Date Modified”?

Exiftool will do it, but it’s a command-line utility. https://exiftool.org/

A Better Finder Attributes will do it for you. I use A Better Finder Renam also made by the company all the time. It is one of my favorite tools to use!

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I second both tools!

I use both Exiftool and A Better Finder Attributes.

Brilliant! Exactly what I needed!

I downloaded the free trial version and it did exactly what I wanted for the 5 trial files. I paid the $17.95 licensing fee and it took care of all 1,700 files in a few seconds, copying the “Date Modified” into the “Date Created” field.

And now, when I import the 1,700 jpeg’s into Apple Photos, they’re all showing up in chronological order by the correct date.

Just to be clear – I’m talking about “A Better Finder Attributes” being the perfect software tool for this purpose. -Barry