A Solution for Automation Terminology Madness

So apparently Federico found the term “Shortcuts Shortcuts” somewhere in the Shortcuts settings.

This madness has to stop. We have made no progress since “Workflow workflow”.

My solution:

Workflow: The name of the app that preceded Siri Shortcuts
Siri Shortcuts: The current automation app given to us by iOS 12
Shortcut(s): An individual automation within the Siri Shortcuts app that accomplishes an objective.
Sequence: The steps inside a shortcut that generate the automation.
Actions: The various different unique steps that can be added to a sequence

We build sequences inside shortcuts from actions that come in Siri Shortcuts though we use to use Workflow to do it but we don’t anymore.

And we don’t say workflow workflow or shortcut shortcut anymore, either.

Thoughts @MacSparky, @katiefloyd or @RosemaryOrchard?

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But Shortcuts exist outside of the Siri Shortcuts app as well. You can utilize these donated shortcuts even without downloading the Shortcuts app, but they can also be used as Actions within Siri Shortcuts.

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Good point @ChrisUpchurch! Forgot about those. So those are System Shortcuts then?

Apple use “System shortcuts” and “Custom Shortcuts” afaik