A tiny Freeform tip - Venn diagrams

I’ve just stumbled across something that’s utterly obvious - now that I know it.

I found that I can make Venn diagrams where the coloured circles overlap nicely, by changing each circles colour so that it’s transparent.

Like this:

I’m using Freeform more and more, and drawing models and diagrams is a big part of my thinking process, so this is really helpful. Hope it helps someone else.


Thanks for this!

This will be very helpful for a graphic I need to create. I had not even thought of Freeform for doing this!

Can also be used for making flowcharts. I have to do this a lot at work to share processes and check understanding with others. For other Apple Device users, we can share and edit the documents.

The only problem i have is that you don’t have a lot of control of where the arrows connect. Figured out the angled connectors. It doesn’t work the same as other programs I’ve used (LucidChart, Visio, draw.io) but it gets the job done quite easily. It’s all about the green dots.

The behavior in Visio is not consistent or predictable. I think they make it so complicated that it doesn’t always do what you want. The same with MS Word, sometimes I get extra space under lines, sometimes I don’t (despite removing them). Line numbering works weird, too. It could all be that the Mac or Web versions aren’t well developed and it works perfectly on Windows.