A Valuable New iOS 17 Feature — Downloadable Maps

There’s a new feature in iOS 17 that hasn’t received a lot of press – downloadable maps.

If you stay in the city and have cell or Wi-Fi coverage 99.99% of your time, this feature probably doesn’t have much to offer you. But if you do a lot of travel in rural areas that don’t have internet access, it’s a godsend!

I just published a blog post about this, A Valuable New iOS 17 Feature — Downloadable Maps.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks they’ve discovered using this feature?


That’s great.
I use this in Google Maps when travelling abroad to give me navigation without buying a SIM for data.


Slightly off-topic: I just noticed that maps now puts in your system language in addition to the to the native language. Before it was instead of native names.

That quite useful for e.g. travelling in China where ppl don’t read Latin names.

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I do not have any tips or tricks, but I absolutely like this feature. And I love how Apple implemented it: iOS left me alone in the first few days not bothering me while I was using navigation while driving.

And after some days, it recommended to download some map data (a sensible choice) and explained how I can get more offline maps (Download offline Maps on iPhone - Apple Support).

Very well implemented, a very nice user experience. :slight_smile: