A win for AirTags! 🐈

So the neighbor that backs up too my backyard is known in the neighborhood for trapping pet cats and taking them out to the middle of nowhere and releasing them.

The other day he messed up and trapped a cat that had an AirTag in the collar. Now he’s the kind of guy that if he has a cell phone, it’s a flip phone so he wouldn’t have received any alerts that there was an AirTag following him.

After being confronted by the cats owner and another neighbor he was recorded admitting to moving the cat. Legally he he can trap them on his property but has to bring them to the animal shelter, not drive 30 miles away to dump it in the middle of nowhere.

He has now been charged with a Class B misdemeanor and can’t trap animals on his property.

Thank you Apple!! :joy:


Well, what about shooting them on his property…?!

Uhm, what?! You’re advocating… shooting someone’s pet just b/c it went on someone else’s property?! We’re not talking about a poorly-trained dog attacking someone’s kid here—they’re cats, wandering across someone’s lawn. Maybe they accidentally got out?

I believe he’s wondering if the neighbor is also restrained from killing the animals. Not advocating for it.

This is a great Air Tag success story!

No, it’s in town. No shooting.

No, but I could imagine in the US, that people like those neighbor would find an other “solution” for his “situation”.

This is unfortunately no problem, with a silencer on the .22!

That’s a great story.

Relocating cats like that is abuse. So many people think that cats that are outside can easily survive if they’re taken out of their territory, but that is not true. In fact, even wildlife doesn’t fare well if it is forcibly moved into another location.

But he sounds like the kind of guy that doesn’t care about the cats’ welfare but simply thinks he should be allowed to use any method to stop them from coming into his yard. I hope he’s learned that harming animals will get him into trouble and that he invests in a few motion-activated sprinkler systems to keep the cats out of his yard.

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People find unique solutions to their problems in every country.

I honestly wouldn’t put it past him. He set up trail cameras on his small residential yard “to monitor the movements of the cats”.

You don’t shoot cats just because they are on your property! My aunt used to celebrate every time one showed up, with firecrackers. :grinning:


It’s my guess that the catnapper is a bird lover. It’s estimated that a pet cat kills on average 34 birds a year.


No, he’s just a grumpy old man with nothing better to do with his time.

I think someone should trap him - drive him into the wilderness and make him free.


It’s still illegal, even if it’s practical.

In the United States, getting a silencer is an expensive proposition, with a fair bit of government paperwork. You also, if I remember correctly, need permission from your local law-enforcement.

Owning one without the proper paperwork is a felony – which I’m guessing most people aren’t willing to risk just to be able to shoot cats. :slight_smile:

Of course it is illegal, but catching a cat, and driving it somewhere else is illegal, too.
And you can get a Silencer within 42 States in the US, you just have to run thru some paperwork and the usual background check with the ATF and pay the Fee of 200$ to get the permission.

Catch & release of feral cats is actually something a number of organizations do in the United States.
Frequently they catch, neuter / verify that it’s neutered, and release. I would assume that the act by itself isn’t illegal since they do it right out in the open and promote that they do it.

Probably a different deal if you know it’s somebody’s pet, of course. :slight_smile:

Where I live you can capture any animal that’s on your property but have to turn them into the animal shelter. It becomes illegal when you move them offsite.

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