A writer's basic everyday carry (EDC)

I used to have that tablet stand. Don’t know what happened to it. It’s cheap though – maybe buy another one!


Shared here for no other reason than I thought this group might be interested.


Ha. Another newsletter to add my subscription stack!

I have that tablet stand, also. It keeps appearing and disappearing in my house, so not sure where it is now, but it is very useful for travel and as an extra hand.

I like the topic of Everyday Carry. Of course now I’m among the permanently shut in social avoiders due to the current crises, “everyday carry” means what I take from one side of the house to the other in order to start my workday. :crazy_face:

I’ve had that Amazon Basics one for years, too, and like it. I also have the one below, which I use when reading my iPad over breakfast, as it gets my iPad Pro up to a more comfortable reading level. Cheap, and height adjustable.

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