Aaaaaand…Amazon has a robot

Introducing Amazon Astro, Household Robot for Home Monitoring, with Alexa, Includes 6-month Free Trial of Ring Protect Pro

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Rosie was the robot; Astro the dog.

For anyone considering laying out a grand on this, I’d be glad to help you by taking a mere $900 U.S. off your hands. I promise I won’t monitor all your conversations.


Does it come with a taser upgrade?


Telescoping camera so you can creep on adults and kids in bed. Nice!

(Sarcasm, in case not obvious)

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Rob will ever be the only robot for me.

I haven’t seen such cute spyware since BonziBuddy.

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I sure hope it has a positronic brain with Asimov’s Three Laws wired into it!

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Not only no, but OH HELL NO!!! Oh, and did anyone notice its face looks like an Apple Magic Trackpad :rofl:. Seriously though, no.

Someone on Rebound said it looks “Evil WALL-E” and now I can’t unsee it.


:joy: Thanks for that. Now I can’t either.

Didn’t the folks over at Google ever read the US Constitution? The wanton contempt for privacy boggles my mind and gets my Irish up!

What have google got to do with an Amazon robot?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

Amazon Just Revealed its First Home Robot - Slashdot - “Amazon spy robot - If you buy this thing then be prepared to learn that it reports everything it learns, including what you own, housing dimensions, your conversations, and just about anything else you can imagine. …”

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I note the fact that it cannot go up and down stairs. And then my mind immediately vectored off into a novel where everyone has these things and the insurgents/patriots either build basements (my favorite, I love the idea of a secret bat-cave like hideaway :sunglasses:) or upper floors. The “main floor” has a set piece like style where everyone knows they are on report but the real world lives in the edges. Something about taking down the Skynet like overseer must play into there as well. Perhaps a well designed back door hack intot he operating system of the robots? hmmmm may have to play around with this, November is coming up, almost NaNoWriMo time.




As @ChrisUpchurch noted, that was also true of the Daleks…for awhile.

One of the Rebound hosts also made that comparison.

The only robot that I want to be able to go up or down stairs is my Roomba.

I just knew that real robots wouldn’t have the Three Laws built into their brains. Asimov was clearly over-optimistic.

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Isaac Asimov wrote many SF adventures, mysteries, and police procedurals based on extrapolations of his Three Laws of Robotics. Continuing your fanciful note, what stories could be written mixing Asimov’s Laws with the Three Laws of Amazon?

  • The customer’s life must be an open book.
  • The seller is always wrong if the customer says so.
  • The customer is always right.

OTOH How many years before they figured it out? I remember the episode, mid 80’s I think. 7th Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, just before the series ended until the reboot.

We’ve got some time to figure it out.

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