Accelerating Ulysses Drafts

Hello there!

I’m new here and I wanted to share a workflow for accelerating draft creation in Ulysses. I’m a huge fan of on my iPhone/iPad and I really wanted a way to replicate the “start typing immediately” effect on my iMac. I fiddled around with Keyboard Maestro and with some helpful articles on Google, came up with this workflow:


In a nutshell, it launches Ulysses, selects the ‘Inbox’ folder, and automatically starts the new draft. Whenever I want to capture a bit of text, now all I have to do is press ⌃⌘D and start typing.

Note: to make this work, you’ll need to determine the ID of your Ulysses Inbox group and insert it into the workflow. It’s pretty easy to do using the directions on Ulysses’ site: