Access to MacSparky Field Guides

Hi everyone

I’m a little confused.

I have in the past purchased: “60 Mac Tips”, “Presentations”, “Markdown”, “Email” and “Paperless” field guides all available in Books on the Mac.

I have also purchased the following from MacSparky:

  • OmniFocus Video Field Guide
  • Workflow Video Field Guide
  • Photos Video Field Guide
  • Hazel Video Field Guide

Does anyone know how I re-download those video field guides?

How and where do you guys store those videos on your computer? Do you store them in iTunes?

All of those are also available on

Does anyone know if I have free access to those videos online when I purchased them as downloads previously?

Thanks :blush:

I suggest if you contact David (the email on his website is then he will do whatever he/an assistant can for you :slight_smile:


Thanks Rose

I did that :blush:

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I emailed David with the order/receipt information of the video field guides I had previously purchased and a few days later received an email with coupon codes for them on They are a bit backlogged so it might take a little while for them to get to everybody.


Thanks. I got a response. He is working on transitioning the course except for the OmniFocus Guide, which is a new purchase.