Accessing old iPhoto '09 library

We’re trying to do some housecleaning… I was able to resurrect my wife’s 8 year old MacBook - which has 25 GB of photos on it from 5 years ago and is running 10.6.8 and iPhoto '09…

I was able to get the machine on to my network and copy the photo library on to my NAS, but was unable to open it under Photos 5 (my Mac running Catalina).

So, any thoughts about how best to access the photos? Should I try exporting them all and then moving them as exports? Am worried that this might take forever…

Apple has a migration tool for versions of iPhoto prior to 09, but the only import method recommended for your library is the one using the Option key, described here:

You can grab old versions of apps here, but I don’t know if iPhoto runs on Catalina.

One could gain access to the photos by control/right clicking on the iPhoto Library and choosing “Show Package Contents”. This would allow you to drill down to the Masters/Originals folder to move the pictures to the Photos library. Only drawbacks are you don’t get Albums and the MetaData will probably change info like your dates.

bowline - iPhoto will not work in Catalina because it is a 32 bit program.

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