Accessing old time capsule for a file...🙏

I have an old Time Capsule Router/Time machine.
I used it for Time machine backup for my 2009 iMac up until ~ 2016 when I just shelved it.
A home movie in our iTunes library would’ve been included in those time machine backups (?).
I do not recall that I wiped it in any way before putting it in storage. Just unplugged it and started using new router and WD external disk for TM.
It is still functioning, as is the 2009 iMac.
The new location for that iMac time machine backups was on external disk that was wiped. Not securely erased - just sent to trash and emptied trash.
(Disk Drill is currently searching the external drive…12 hrs…)

I connected the iMac to capsule → it recognized it as an old TM disk →I did a new TM backup.
Enter time machine = no backups available….but I did see there was a DATA folder on there BEFORE I did this new backup.

Is there a way to access the DATA folder on this time capsule and dig deeper somehow?

Thanks for any help.


Did you try accessing it like a server eg Finder->Go->Connect To Server? The server address would be something like afp:// or smb:// (of course you would have to use your device’s IP address).