"Accidental Meditation App" (a "Thank You!")

Quick, public thank you to MPU (“accidentally”) leading me to a powerful “meditation app” (and a thank you to James Thompson!).

Short story: I was stressing myself out last night about something. … Really “Did a number on (myself)” (as my dad used to say).

Was also absent-mindedly thinking about an MPU episode where David and Stephen were taking about PCalc creator James Thompson’s dice app #596: 30 iPhone Apps Under $10.

I remembered them talking about all the work that must have gone into the high-res graphics, “physics of the roll(s),” sound, etc. and wondered if it would work on my iPad.

I thought, “Gotta see this in all its glory!”

Downloaded it and started tinkering.

Let me tell you, for me, this beat any “draw in the sand” or meditation app for relaxing, taking my focus off of my worries and “into the now.” I experimented with flicking the dice with my finger, hitting the re-roll button, dice colors, etc.

Before I knew it that worry I was “listening to” was silent! :slight_smile:

Best $2 I ever spent!!

I went and downloaded PCalc Lite and looked at the two themes, etc. and loved it too.

I then put two items on my todo list and went to sleep!

The items:

  • Buy full version of PCalc [tomorrow]


  • Write the author a thank you note [tomorrow]

Good stuff!!

Love the show!


P.S. As an aside: I listened to the apps show while driving to keep from buying too many apps! … I need to go back through show notes and some of the episodes I listened to recently to find some of the apps that really intrigued me; but this will keep me to buying the ones I really need… [Maybe? :wink: ].

P.P.S. Both tasks are :white_check_mark: Done!


It really is a great app! I happen to have it up to the side right now (fighting an ancient red dragon and a formation of dire eagles and small drakes.) The cute little energy saver is also calming. :slight_smile:

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It’s not the easiest app to find in the store:

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