Account recovery … suspicious?

My daughter got an unexpected message from apple last night:

She hadn’t added anyone into account recovery so she was confused.

And when she went into the account recovery part of settings she discovered this:

Mum and Dad look correct but … the iCloud data recovery service one looks weird.

I compared her setup with mine and I don’t have it.

Any idea what’s up?

The iCloud Data Recovery Service gives you access to data including photos, videos, notes, reminders, and device backups through the iCloud web portal, even if you’re locked out of specific Apple devices.

Yes, suspicious. Did she have 2FA disabled, or were they able to somehow bypass that?

That should be OK.

It seems quite normal to have ‘iCloud Data Recovery Service’ there since iOS 15:

I should’ve elaborated a bit. My concerns are a) that it’s a fake iCloud Data Recovery Service contact so she won’t delete it, b) someone’s accessing her iCloud account via Safari.

I’d remove it, log out all browsers from and change the iCloud password. Everything could be fine, but those are cheap actions to take when there’s any worry.


I’ve got a funny feeling that someone has somehow used the name to look legit

Thanks @cornchip. I’ll get her to do just that. And I’ll make sure she has 2fa turned on.

I have asked her to do that before but she’s 17 and knows much more than I do!

This might help her think it’s a good idea :slight_smile:

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