Accountability partner?

Hi, I’ve been struggling back and forth with procrastination throughout my entire life. Have anyone here tried to incorporate an accountability partner in order to become more focused, intentional with time, and in general achieve more in life? If anyone is struggling as well, I would love to team up, feel free to reach out.


Good luck. I have done the 2-Minute Daily Accountability with multiple people and it has worked very well if others are as much into it as you are.

I have changed up how I do it depending on my needs. One thing it def helps with are small things I procrastinate on. So if you want to start small, start there.

A couple of tips. a) keep it simple. Don’t explain yourself. Either you did it or you didn’t. b) Don’t do fractions. Either you did it or didn’t. (I have had people say they did 2.25 things and it’s a slippery slope.)

I’m terms of services, you could try or

They both offer a free option.

I have used both and can recommend them.

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Thanks for the tips, will definitely check them out.

I just tried Focusmate for the first time today…and it lived up to its name. I had a very productive 25-minute session. It was fun and encouraging to have a brief check-in with my focus buddy before and after the session. I look forward to another session or two tomorrow.

I’m also keen to give GoGoDone a try. Thanks for the tip, @mmq!


Thanks for this reminder about I’ve been struggling to get back to work after lunch. Today I booked my first FocusMate session for 1:30 PM and it worked like a charm.


Just tried Focusmate for the first time today. Did a 50 minute session this morning, and then ended up doing another 2 sessions this afternoon.

I’ve already signed up for the $5 monthly membership. Recommended.