Activating Shortcuts on AirPods

Has anyone been able to successfully activate a Shortcut on the new AirPods?

If with “activate a shortcut” you mean to trigger shortcuts on the new AirPods: Yes. :slight_smile:

I am constantly controlling Overcast on my iPhone using Shortcuts via “Hey Siri” on the AirPods. No issues at all.

Sometimes, I stumble into “You have to unlock your iPhone first”. But this does not seem to happen as often as before.

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Yes. By far my most common use of “Hey Siri” on the new AirPods is to trigger Siri Shortcuts to control Overcast.


How about triggering Shortcuts on the Apple Watch?

What about more advanced shortcuts?

Unfortunately, I do not have very advanced Shortcuts. I do not think that there should be a difference, though, because the AirPods are only transmitting the Shortcut to the iPhone. At least, that is what I am assuming.

The work is being done on the iPhone, even if a Shortcut is being triggered using the AirPods.

With regards to Shortcuts on the Apple Watch, I have no real experience. If I am not outside, my HomePod, the iPad or the iPhone usually catch my “Shortcut requests”. And if I am outside, usually the AirPods are the devices that take my “Shortcut requests”.

With the HomePod, Shortcuts tend to fail more often than on my other devices.

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