Activating split view from Spotlight in iOS 13

I’m sure I’m overlooking something…

In iOS12 I could create a split view session by launching spotlight (command-space), pressing and holding the app of interest and then dragging to the side from the spotlight search selection.

Has this capability been retired in iOS 13? It seems to have changed… I am unable to launch a split view app using this same method.

If it has changed, how do I create a split view session for an App that is not in my dock?

Once you have picked up the app in Spotlight and moved it a little, tap the cancel button (to the right of the search bar) to get rid of the Spotlight screen and then drop the app into split screen as previously.

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Thanks @Tony! I’ve missed that in the various iOS 13 things I’ve read… not the most intuitive, at least with the muscle memory of iOS 12… I appreciate your response. Quite helpful for me. Cheers — jay

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The same approach applies to folders, tap outside of the folder area (you need two fingers for these actions or you’ll “drop” your app).

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You can also just tap anywhere that is not a touch target with spotlight search up to dismiss spotlight. You don’t have to formally “cancel” spotlight search. Small distinction, but it is helpful to know you don’t need to touch another target to cancel.