Activity Competing with Apple Watch

Is it possible to start a new Activity Competition while you’re already competing with someone else?


  • currently doing our first competition with our youngest daughter
  • invited both my wife and older daughter to compete
  • I received a notice that they were invited, but they have not seen any notice.

I’m wondering if you are unable to start a new/second competition while you’re in the middle of another.

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Yes, you can have multiple competitions, initiated at different times. No problem there!

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Hmmmmm - maybe we need to reboot devices…

They may not have gotten a notification, but do they see an invite in the Activity app?

Do they have their own Apple IDs on each of their iPhone and Apple Watches? Are they logged into those Apple IDs on those devices? Are you sending the invitation to those Apple IDs (either email or phone number) and not accidentally to one of their email address or phone numbers that isn’t associated with their personal Apple ID?

@Scottisloud - thank you for the feedback.

Powering-off the iPhone XS and powering back on fixed it. My older daughter’s invitation to me came through, and my new invitation for my wife also went through.


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