Ad blockers for Safari?

Continuing the discussion from M1 MBA and the progress toward the "holy grail" of workflows (ramble-y with questions at the end!):

Maybe. But I’ve found the built-in blocking works well.

I’ve also added the MVPS hosts file to my /etc/hosts, which takes care of a lot of spammy-click-baity sites that I am sometimes tempted to click on.

The hosts file I mentioned above seems to take care of the overlay ads, but those :snoopy curse: Grammarly ads, geez!

I am using 1Blocker and happy with it. But a custom hosts file is so appealing. Thanks for sharing.

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I have Ad Guard which comes with the SetApp subscription. I loved it but when I downloaded Monterey, well a rep at Apple Care finally figured out that was causing interference, probably with the privacy settings . I was having a heckuva time getting on the Internet. I am hesitant to reactivate it because it was a royal pain. I’m going to see if they cannot iron out the details before reactivating it.

I use pi-hole to block ads on my entire network. I set that as DNS and the amount of ads I see is reduced drastically. When I’m out I have wireguard on and tunnel into my home network and through the pi-hole to the internet.

This works perfectly as an addition to using ad blockers, or maybe instead of, as I’ve sometimes had issues with sites not functioning well or being inaccessible when using an adblocker locally