Adapter / Enclosure for MB Pro Mid 2015 NVME drive

I need to extract data from a liquid damaged 15" MB Pro Mid 2015 (Model A1398) and need an enclosure or an adapter to connect it to any of my other docks or connectors.

To me it appears that this PCIe Gen3 x4 NVME Solid State Drive form factor was only used for a very short time. I can find replacement drives but have a hard time finding something to connect it to.

OWC stops at early 2015. I searched online and the only thing

I would appreciate an leads to finding an adapter from NVME to a more common standard or an enclosure. I f you happen to have one left over I am happy to purchase it from you.


When I went through my MacSales SSD fiasco, I bought their external drive case made especially for Apple SSDs. That case worked fine.
I believe it was this:

Thanks for your quick reply,

I have one of these and it doesn’t fit :-/

That’s odd. Mine is a mid-2015 rMBP, MacBookPro11,5 to be exact.
The Apple drive isn’t an NVME drive, as NVME drives require High Sierra or higher. I think mine originally came with Yosemite.

Edit: mine is retina.

Its had nothing to do with compatibility with Mac OS. This MB pro is dead because of liquid damage. With some luck I can extract the data however in order to do so I need to be able to connect the drive to one of my Macs. The problem is the form factor of the pins.

Right. I’m saying the original Apple drive you have is not an nvme drive because Yosemite, the os that shipped with 2015 MBPs did not support nvme drives.

There are multiple Envoy enclosures available… the one for 2013 and later should be the correct case for 2015 MBPr SSD. Are you sure this isn’t a 2012 MBPr???

I verified with the serial number on the Apple warranty self check page.

This might be it, however the pins look slightly different. The price tag is a bit steep :-/


I found this great website explaining about all the different SSD interfaces Apple has been using MB Air, MB, MB Pro and iMac.


I have found open box enclosures on OWC’s Garage Sale page in the past. Prices were better than what you found (full retail) by a good 30/40%.

Thanks for the tip. I called OWC earlier today and she gave me a sku number. When I searched it on their site I found 3 units one new and 2 “used” for about half the price. Still expensive but a useful tool to have.

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