Add a stop on maps May be the best

This might be worth the whole update


I use Google maps, which has had this feature for a long time, although I much prefer the look of Apple Maps. Whoever in Google thought light grey on white was a good way to show minor roads presumably never gets out of the city. Apple Maps looks great.

I’m looking forward to trying the new maps, but - where I live in Scotland - Google’s journey time estimates are more accurate, Apple’s navigation instructions cut off early on my car’s Bluetooth (Google doesn’t), and Google’s route awareness is better. Apple still insists that one route would be faster if I took a road through a military base. Which it might be, I suppose.

I use Google Street View a lot when I’m going somewhere unfamiliar.


How many stops can you add?

I stopped at 10 lol


Yea, google is more accurate for me as well. Apple Maps usually does very well in Dallas, but sometimes.

I agree - this is great. I’ve been on the PB for three days and have already come across situations where it was really helpful. (Unlike, say, lock screen customization which seems rather pointless…)

I agree, one of my favorite features!

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Can you tell it to optimize the stop order? Takes you the quickest/ shortest route?

This is one of the greatest weaknesses, because it always adds a new stop at the end.

The only workaround I have is you have to open maps, input your first address, and then click on add a stop and search for any other stops. Then you can drag it into the order you want to go.

However, if you already have started navigating, it just adds any new stops next automatically without any ability to reorder.

It’s pretty clunky sometimes.