Add email from Outlook to Apple's Calendar ...?

I feel like there has to be a simple solution to this, but I’m just not finding it.

I’m running Outlook on macOS Catalina, and using Apple’s built-in calendar to track events. I have an email with a travel itinerary (containing links and all sorts of other stuff) that I just want attached to a calendar event, so I have it on the day I need it.

Trying to figure out how to do that in a quick and easy way. I’ve tried a number of things with dragging the message to the calendar, and that doesn’t work.

If this were just for me, I could drag it into DEVONthink, get the ID, and then link that from the calendar event - but this is a calendar I’m sharing with my “better half”, so it’s kind of important that she be able to access the contents as well.

Anybody have any advice?

I’ve gotten really good at dragging messages out of Outlook and trying to drop them in places where they refuse to go, most notably OmniFocus. Burns me every time. I’ve just grown accustomed to dropping the Outlook message on the Desktop and then attaching that file wherever I need it to be.

Here’s how I just did it what you’re trying to do: Drag the message to the Desktop, then choose “Add Attachment…” in the Calendar event. That gives you the standard file-choosing dialog, which you can use to navigate to that .eml file on the Desktop and add it to the event.

When I then double-click on that .eml attachment in the Calendar event, the message opens in my default mail client (Mail) rather than in Outlook.

Edit: I forgot the take the next step, which is to then delete the .eml file from the Desktop and see if it will still open in Calendar. It won’t. It must be a reference to the attached file and not a copy of it.

Well now that’s crazy…

I dragged the message to the desktop. Success. Then I dragged it into the calendar. Success.

Dragging from Outlook to the calendar? No dice.

And after a bit of Setapp app investigation, it looks like DropZone will let me do the same without using the desktop as an intermediary. :smiley:

But then I have the same problem as you. I delete the original, and it disappears. And that .eml wouldn’t work on my iPhone either way for some reason.

Tried the same with a PDF, and that looks to work properly. I’ll play with it some more.

What a mess, huh?

Thanks for the help!

If you use something like Yoink (which I love to death on my Mac) you can have it configured so that when you start to drag anything a floating shelf appears by your cursor: drop the item onto it, then drag from it to another app, and it doesn’t require deleting from a desktop. Makes things simpler/faster. Never used Outlook so I don’t know how it works with it, but you can download a free trial. (Plus it syncs with its equivalent on iOS, if desired.)

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It’s been about 2 years since I last looked at O365/Mac Outlook. At that time it didn’t “work or play” with anything that I tried. Have you considered setting up just for compatibility when you have problems like this?

I realize your question is potentially other than travel, but for travel you might want to give the free version of TripIt a try. It is really great for organizing all aspects of a trip and sharing that info. It will give you a special email address that you can forward flight, hotel, etc. emails to and automatically add them to your trip.

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Considered, but that has me having two complete copies of my mail on my computer, which I’m not a huge fan of. Too much potential sync screwiness for my liking, given the limited number of times I wind up having to actually do this sort of thing. :slight_smile: