Add links to a scanned PDF file to get to another page - Notability or Preview?

I’m an actor and use an iPad for PDF markup and highlighting of scripts and music in Notability.

They are usually scanned scripts. I’d like to be able to add links from one page to another. I thought that this would be a common feature, but I can’t find it in Notability or Preview. From some searching, it seems like Preview used to be able to do this, but that was removed a while ago. I’d rather not pay for Adobe apps, but willing to pay for something with this feature. It would be handy to be able to do it on the fly in Notability on the iPad, but I would also be fine doing it on the Mac before I start adding annotations.

I have an old copy of PDFPen on my Mac that can do it, but it’s very out of date and runs really slow with large files.

Just looking to add links from the table to contents to the referring page. Also for musicals, typically you have the script in the first half of the book, and the music in the back. It would be nice to add links to jump you from one to the other at the place where the song starts.