Add to note seems to not work anymore

So I could have sworn one of the features of Apple Notes was you were able to ask Siri to add to an existing note. I wanted to do this today for the first time, since I was driving with CarPlay on and I wanted to add a note to shopping list. So I dutifully engaged Siri, said “edit a note” and I expected it to ask which note. Instead, I was greeted with “I can’t help you with apple notes”. I thought this was weird, so I tried with Apple Watch. Same thing. Then tried with iPhone. Same. I rebooted everything when I got home, tried again, still no dice.

This seems really strange to me, and it’s apparently not unheard of judging from a quick internet search. Can someone confirm if this is just me, and if it is just me, how do I work around it? Maybe can do it with a shortcut, but I didn’t think that was necessary.