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Safari tab groups in iOS are fairly easy to use (create, add to, adjust), but I cannot find a way to easily add a tab from my regular Safari window to a tab group. Apple’s info page doesn’t mention it. Almost like, the only way they saw people using it was to save all tabs from a single browsing session. What am I missing?

Dragging the tab from your tab bar to the group in the sidebar doesn’t work? Sidebar can be opened from the View menu if hidden.

Right-click the tab and there’s an add to group option there.

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It can be done but you’ll need to use both thumbs and the target tab group must already exist.

  1. Tap and drag the address bar up to open up tab previews
  2. Tap and hold the desired tab until it pops
  3. With your second finger to reveal desired tab group and navigate to it while holding the tab on step 2
  4. Drop the tab into that group

I guess it’s easier to learn by seeing in action:

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I have the process down on iOS, I was working on some tabs on my Mac.

Oddly, dragging makes the tabs evaporate. but @JohnAtl, you found what I was missing. A right-click does the trick.

Always good to see a keyboard-friendly option!

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