Adding Custom Reminders to an Event From a Subscribed Calendar

I would like to add reminders to events from a subscribed calendar in the default Calendar app but google searches reveal that this is not possible to do in a conventional/convenient way. I am also yet to come across a third party calendar app that natively supports this. So, I have decided to turn to the MPU community, does anyone know of a relatively easy way to do this via a third party app that I may have overlooked or through scripting? I know that a possible solution to this problem would be creating a copy of the events from the subscribed calendar however this is not an option for me in this scenario because the events are athletic events that I am streaming and I need to be notified if they are cancelled or rescheduled. I am open to any suggestions.

I would suggest subscribing to it in Google Calendar and using IFTTT to notify you. If you use “any event starts” as the trigger you can set a time before the event (e.g. 30 minutes), and you can get notifications however you like - from the IFTTT app, PushBullet, etc.