Adding Headings and Tasks in Things 3 with URL Schemes?

The Link Builder for Things 3 is so great, but for some reason it doesn’t have headings.

Anyone know how to create a project that has both headings and tasks using URL schemes / Link Builder?

I believe you’ll have to use the json method for adding those details. If you have Drafts there are a couple actions that users have built that will do this for you.

Thingy is my favorite at the moment.


EDIT: I would use json as the headings have to already exist in the add method as @JohnAtl pointed out. :blush:

From what I read, the headings must already exist to use them in link builder. This places items under the headings, but does not create them. AFAIK

Ah good catch. I didn’t read the help popover. I’ll modify my previous message.

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thingy looks interesting. I need to get more into Drafts when I have some free time (ha!).
Right now I’d just like to have an easy way to add a five minute journal template to Agenda (or Things). Looks like Drafts and an action might fit the bill.

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Yep, I got it to work with Drafts combined with this workflow! It is absolutely magical. So much better than the link builder (which is still cool).

Huge shout out to Mark Bailey Jr from the Automators Discourse forum for hooking me up with this workflow.

Here is the thread.

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