Adding mp3 file to Apple Music on iPad

Can anyone tell me how to add an MP3 file to Apple Music on an iPad.

I have sent an MP3 file as an email attachment to a friend who only has an iPad. My stupid assumption was that long pressing the attachment would bring up a share sheet (it does) with Music as a share option (it isn’t). I’ve been unable to find any way of adding Music as a share option; is it even possible?

As an alternative we tried saving the attachment to the iPad by sharing it with the Files app, but that done there doesn’t seem to be a mean of importing files into Music app on the iPad. Am I missing something?

Any help greatly appreciated!

Not sure it’s possible.

Everything I’ve been able to find indicates a Mac/PC is required to add a file to the Music library. I checked Shortcuts but didn’t see anything there. I even tried drag and drop from Files to Music without success. Hopefully someone else has a better answer.

It might work through GarageBand: I want to add music on my files app direc… - Apple Community

It looks like GarageBand uses its own file format for “Songs” rather than working on an mp3 file directly. If that’s correct, one would need to create a new GarageBand song, import the MP3 as a track, then export the song to Apple Music. This could result in degradation from the original file.