Adding recipes to Paprika from a book

Does anyone have suggestions on the easiest way to add a recipe from a hard copy book into Paprika?

This article in TidBits covers how to do it.


I scan with ScannerPro on my phone. The scan loads to iCloud and OCR is on. I can then copy and paste into Paprika on my Mac. Probably not as smooth a workflow if you are iPhone/iPad only for Paprika.

My purchase of ScannerPro predates the scan feature becoming available in Apple Notes. In place of of a scanning app you could scan into Apple Notes and copy and paste from there.

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may be slight off track, does any one know how to add the millions of YouTube cooking video mentioning cooking process and ingredients into Paprka or Mela or Eat your Books ?

I don’t use Drafts extensively but I’ve never heard of dragging PDFs to it. I need to try that.

Thank you. I tried it yesterday. I think this may be the solution I use. I didn’t have much of a need for text scanning but this will probably be it!

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