Additional USB Hub or Backup Drive with USB-C passthru

My desire to purchase a Elgato Stream deck is causing me a silly problem. My OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock is full for USB-A and USB-C adapters. To buy a StreamDeck, I either need to replace my existing backup drive (which uses USB-A) with one that uses USB-C.

Only drive I’ve found so far with passthru: - I guess. I would buy the 6GB version. This would work because I could daisy chain other USB-C devices off this.

Or I buy a hub to extend my dock. I just don’t know how well any hub works if its downstream of a doc :-).

All to get StreamDeck.
- Mark

I’ve got my Stream Deck plugged into a USB Hub that’s downstream of the Thunderbolt hub built into my LG 5K monitor. Works fine. Stream Deck is such a low bandwidth device that it shouldn’t matter, as long as you have a high quality hub (I’ve had good luck with Anker).

Can you just replace the cable on the backup drive with a USB-C cable? I have both USB-A and USB-C disk drive cables. Cheaper than replacing the drive.

True. However I’m out of slots of all kinds.