Adios BBEdit.. drawing the line here

there’s also a free version of BBEdit.


irrelevant. If I didn’t upgrade to Sonoma, my previous macOS version would not stop working until I paid more money.

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This hasn’t been my experience to date… For example:

Just in time for Apple’s release of macOS 14 Sonoma, Default Folder X 6 delivers compatibility with the new OS, as well as an array of powerful new features. Please be aware that older versions do not support Sonoma.
The price of your upgrade depends on when you last bought Default Folder X.

Purchase Date Price (USD)
On or after 2023-03-01 Free
2022-09-01 to 2023-03-01 $9.95
Before 2022-09-01 $19.95

And apparently Bartender requires a paid update for Sonoma (although I am not positive of this since I get it through SetApp).

no just the opposite. Bartender 4 works with Sonoma, but if you would like to upgrade for new features, you can get Bartender 5 which ONLY works with Sonoma. This is a good example of what BBEdit should have done.

If you don’t upgrade to Sonoma then you don’t need to upgrade BBEdit. In other words, leave things as they are forever and you’re good.

And you can use BBEdit for free, like I have for about 6 years or so.

I don’t see the greed angle here at all.


Good grief. More and more I feel like this forum has people who just want to complain.

Remember when we used to be enthusiastic about things? Might be time to find a new forum.


your username checks out. :grinning:

not trying to be a debbie downer, but I am highly irritated that an app I have paid the dev $112 for cannot pass a macOS update without a 1 version upgrade cost.

Hang on.
BBEdit 14 came out over 2 years ago. And works with Sonoma for free.
BBEdit 13 came out 4 years ago and doesn’t.

So if the current version was bought within the last 2 years it would carry on working without additional cost?
If it was bought over 2 years ago then…it should be updated to work with the new OS for free?

If it were just a text editor, that would be questionable.
Except BBEditor works just fine as a text editor for free, in Sonoma.
It’s only if one wants the fancy features that may well need rewriting that the cost comes in.


That’s a flawed argument. We measure releases in versions not time. I bought 13 about 8 months before 14 was released and outside of the free upgrade window.

This is going round and round. I just wanted to voice my irritation. You guys have made your points. I don’t want new features. I want only a working app through a macOS update to show for my $112, like every other piece of software on my rig . Not going to happen, so that’s that.

I’d forgotten that you can use BBEdit for free (I gladly pay for every update because it’s such a fantastic application and I want to support the developers). Most of the features are available for free for anyone who doesn’t want to pay.

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The Bbedit developer could be a bit more explanatory about the reason why Bbedit 13 does not work on Sonoma.

My last name is Buys.


Which was a surprise. I’ve used Parallels since version 1, and have basically had to upgrade every other year (which is every other version) because of incompatibilities with the OS upgrades. What was unusual for Sonoma this year is that I had only one app that stopped working. Usually I’m out a couple hundred dollars a year in upgrades to keep running with the latest macOS.

Actually yes they are. If you have severe issues you can’t even get any support for hardware OR software issues unless you first upgrade to the latest OS for the devices you are using.



I never even upgraded to version 12. I haven’t used BBEdit in 5 years or more. Not even sure. Thanks for the reminder, I’m going and deleting the app and the ancillary manuals etc now.

Which will probably last you for 6 years.

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Your initial argument framing the upgrade around the OS upgrade is misleading. BBEdit 14 was released 2 years and falls in line with how Bare Bones has operated over the past decade with new versions every 2-3 years with significant updates. Apple changed something in the underlying frameworks that BBEdit 13 relies on and it is no longer supported nor has it been for over 2 years. As others have said if your text editing needs are minimal there are multiple other free options to include BBEdit 14.


That’s not what the dev says:

Bartender 4 is not optimised for macOS Sonoma. If you do not want to upgrade to Bartender 5 and wish to continue using Bartender 4 you might want to avoid installing macOS Sonoma.

The under-the-hood improvements for 14.6 look significant, and are probably where it’s now using a modern macOS 14 API, and where they’ve dropped an old engine–I’m also interested in confirmation from them.

If you used BBEdit regularly, I’d think you’d want that regardless of Sonoma coming out.

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There are people here using Bartender 4 on Sonoma and their website says Ventura and later for 4… It may not do everything 5 does, but it doesn’t just crap out like BBEdit.