Adjust Apple Mail Viewing Font Size?

Does anyone know of a way to increase the viewing font size in Apple Mail (other than changing the display resolution or using the zoom feature in the accessibility settings)? Thanks!

See Preferences:

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Thanks, but to my knowledge, this setting doesn’t adjust (just) the viewing font size but also the font size of the email itself, i.e. what the recipient sees. To illustrate, I have to use a font size of at least 16 or 18 on my iMac 5k to not have to squint. But I don’t want the recipient to receive an email with size 18 font.

Most other apps (e.g. MailMate) let you adjust the viewing font size without affecting the font size of the email itself. I’m wondering if there’s a way to do this in Apple Mail.

I don’t think there’s a way to make the font larger when composing an email without impacting what’s sent to recipients. I agree that it would be a very helpful feature.

I frequently switch display resolutions depending on what I’m working on. I use a great app called Displays to assign global shortcut keys to my four favourite resolutions. This makes it very quick to switch.

On a side note, as you may already know…it’s easy to change the display font when viewing received messages. Use Format > Style > Bigger (⌘+) to make the font larger and Format > Style > Smaller (⌘-) to make it smaller.

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If the sender composed rich text e-mail Apple Mail wants to present it to you at first with the font size (and color, etc) the sender selected.

This is a helpful work-around. Thanks!

You’re very welcome @CMD. Good to hear this was helpful!

Command (⌘) combined with the plus sign zooms (increases the font size) when viewing email for me on Catalina’s This is the same shortcut key as Zoom in Safari and other browsers. (Not sure why its not in the View menu in like it is in Safari.) Hope that works.

(To reverse: ⌘ combined with minus zooms out, i.e. decreases font size.)


And Command (⌘) + 0 (zero) bring you back to the default setting :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, this only works for viewing email but not for composing…

For composing just create a stationery template.