Adjustable Standing Desk Recommendation?

I’m looking for recommendations for a quality adjustable standing desk. Below are pictures of my current desk. As you can see, I have one monitor, and I use both my MBP and iPad as 2nd and 3rd monitors.

I’m considering this one.

Any suggestions?

The Uplift is the best one I have used.

I have the Jarvis and it is less stable.

The Uplift V2 has a really nice, stable desktop, and I can highly recommend it.

Thanks, these look good but I’m looking for one I can use on top of my existing desk. :slightly_smiling_face:

My apologies; I misunderstood your post. I haven’t used any of those, so could not recommend. Good luck!

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I use this one:

It works well for me, although I’m not sure it would be large enough for you needs however.

Thanks, but I don’t think it will work as there is not enough room for the monitor, etc.

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I Use the Uplift and love it.

No suggestions, just a few comments. Looks like it may be too tall for the side desk. Should work on the front desk, but may be a barrier between you and a guest. When the desk is raised, would you be able to view/use the MBP and iPad adequately? (I assume they would not be on the raised desk). The VariDesk looks good in the down position but because of the visible mechanisms it does not seem to go with the room aesthetic in the up position. I realize that is not the most important factor. :grinning:

I have been using an adjustable standing desk for a few years and love it. I think you’ll really enjoy using whichever one you choose.

@Bmosbacker. Have you considered Varidesk?

Edit: Just clicked on your link and realized that you are looking at the Vari.

I have the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 on my desk to accommodate two monitors in my home office and another at work where I have a similar configuration to your setup.

I have a phone, desk lamp, two monitors, my computer and other sundries that I like to have immediately at hand on the desk.

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I liked the VariDesk when I was in similar situations (I’ve used a Pro and a smaller Essential), but I agree with neonate that those side cabinets are going to be a problem, and the thing does feel like a wall when it sits directly between you and people approaching your desk.

I had a similar one at work. I found that when it was in the down position, the keyboard tray made the keyboard/mouse a little higher than I wanted which started to hurt my wrists.

I use the below. Had it for two years and it’s excellent. It supports my 27" imac. Don’t know if it’s available in the US.

One of the most important things with a standing desk is a good mat to stand on so the blood circulation in your feet is good.

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This may seem odd but I avoid sitting behind my desk when I have quests in the office. I don’t like the “hierarchical” feel of that arrangement. Instead, I meet with everyone around the table in my office. This feels warmer and more conductive to good conversations.


Yeah, I didn’t think it would. I get around the small surface area by having my external monitor elevated to a height such that it works both sitting and standing. I do need to adjust the tilt.

Good luck finding a device that fits your needs.

This. Not odd at all. Back in the before times, when I had an office I went to, I did this as well. Everyone is much more comfortable, and I found the “he’s my boss” barrier went way down.

And I like the aquarium on the monitor. :slight_smile:

Yes, although I am “the boss” I don’t like that designation or feel. “I am peer who is charged with making the hard decisions.” :slightly_smiling_face:

The aquarium is nicer than a black screen, though it epitomizes “form over substance.” :slightly_smiling_face: Once the weather turns cold I’ll change it to a fireplace. The TV is connect to an Apple TV.

Not odd at all. I agree with everything you stated. I wish everyone would have this attitude and take this approach. :grinning:

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A pool table may be a better fit instead of that round table. I would love it if my boss’s office had a pool table lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I used a Varidesk for years before getting a sit stand desk. It worked well until I saved enough to buy a proper sit stand desk.

I recommend getting it from Amazon and trying it out.

Thanks for all of the great advice, much appreciated. I have ordered a Vari, directly from them because it is on sale and cheaper than on Amazon. I ordered this one:


I’m going to be making some changes to my WFH office, and I saw this desk in person.

It’s really cool because it doesn’t look like a standing desk. A hidden button moves the whole thing up and down, plus it’s got a built-in power strip for computers, monitors, pencil sharpeners, etc.

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I went with a Vertdesk from BTOD - Mine is L shaped. I really spent a lot of time researching, as I work at this desk every day, and it is the most stable out there, and the electronics are excellent!

Now has a lifetime warranty.

I have been very happy!