Admin setup folders and rules for users

Not directly an MPU topic hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

I am looking for an email service provider that allows the Admin to setup new users with a set of folders and email rules. Better yet where the admin can change the folders and rules for all users or customize individually.

I contacted Google G-Suite support and they found this a great idea and submit it to the Community as a suggestion. Not willing to wait for Google I am looking for other email providers before getting into the pain and expense of developing my own solution.

Pretty sure you can script this with Office 365 and PowerShell. Mail flow on the admin side would be better than setting up user-side rules, and let you use the GUI, but both approaches are possible and can be done in tandem.


You might want to ask the folks at the Mac Enterprise email list and/or on the Mac Admins Slack. That sounds like something they would have experience with.